Nylon Epoxy Coatings

Nycote® is a modified clear liquid-nylon formulation that provides protection to overcome all material limitations and guards metals from wear, corrosion, friction and conductivity. It is a clear fluid base designed to eliminate pinholes and create a void-free impervious barrier that is unattainable by other products.

  • Continuous film for 100% corrosion protection
  • Simple surface preparation for rapid application
  • Custom tinting can be used to identify parts that have been coated and to improve appearances
  • Single pass solution
  • Reusable over shelf life
  • Single source protection against Skydrol®, JP-4, JP-5, JP-10, salt spray, oxidation, conductivity and other corrosive elements
  • EU /IATA/REACH regulation compliant; rapid global delivery
  • Solution of choice by Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and other OEM’s