Rail Industry Coatings

Passenger Train Exteriors
The Mäder Group has developed a large variety of waterborne and conventional systems for the protection and decoration of passenger train exteriors. These systems are currently used on High Speed Trains, Main Lines, Intercity, Suburban Trains, Metros and Light Rail.

Passenger Train Interiors
The Mäder Group proposes a wide range of solutions for decoration of passenger train interiors meeting requirements of different types of rolling stock. From protection against vandalism for urban trains to innovative design for High Speed Trains, Mäder provides solutions in several technologies.

Bogies & Axle Trees
The Mäder Group has developed systems for the protection of bogies which exhibit high resistance to atmospheric and stress corrosion. They also provide systems for axle tree protection, meeting requirements of the EN 13-260 and EN 13-261 European standards.