528X306 Conductive Coatings

Features & Benefits:

DeSoto® conductive coatings are conventional solids, carbon filled, epoxy-amine coatings with controlled conductive properties. These high performance coatings are designed to obtain surface conductivity on non-conductive (composite and other plastics) substrates. Additionally, DeSoto® conductive coatings control static charge bleed-off on radomes, antennas, and other insulative parts. DeSoto® anti-static coating (528X306) is used to bleed-off the static charge from the aircraft’s radome and antennas. This coating has a resistivity requirement between 1.0 to 100 megohms per square inch, and requires a BMS 10-79 or BMS 10-103 primer before topcoating. DeSoto® conductive coating (528X310) is used on non-conductive substrates to facilitate the discharging and positive grounding of static electrical charges to the primary structure. This coating has a much higher surface conductivity, with the resistivity requirement between 0.1 to 100,000 ohms per square inch. The application of a BMS 10-79 or BMS 10-103 primer prior to topcoating is highly recommended.  DeSoto® conductive coatings are compatible with all conventional, airless, and HVLP spray equipment. For important details on the application parameters for these primers, consult the application guide for DeSoto® conductive coatings or contact our technical department on +44(0) 1428 651246

DeSoto® conductive coatings are qualified to the following specifications:

BMS 10-21 Type II
CMS 565-12 Type II
GMS 5003
LES 1258