Akzo Nobel Aerospace & Defence Coatings

 ADDEV Materials is the authorised distributor of the AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings range of high performance paints and coatings for civil and military aerospace applications. AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings is the global leader in the manufacture, development and supply of coatings for the OEM and MRO sectors of the Commercial Airline, General Aviation and the Military Air markets. With manufacturing and support centres throughout the world, AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings is considered the expert in their chosen field and is dedicated to providing innovative, reliable and efficient solutions to their customers worldwide. AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings is a dedicated industry partner, providing support services including, training, technical advice and coatings consultancy.

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In the manufacture of civil and military aircraft AkzoNobel coatings are approved and used by the World’s leading design authorities for all areas of the airframe for large and smaller airliners, fast jets, helicopters, transporters and in general aviation. In the maintenance (MRO) arena AkzoNobel produces coatings for application in service conditions for civil, military and general aviation.


Compliance and Sustainability:

AkzoNobel leads the industry in developing solutions which comply with current and future regulations. Low VOC versions of all types of product are available, which comply with EPA regulations including the European solvent emissions directive. The new REACh regulation will affect numerous substances including hexavalent chromates. AkzoNobel has an unrivalled range of chromate free primers for metal and composites including their patented Aerodur®2100MgRP magnesium based primer which offers galvanic corrosion protection to aluminium and Aerodur® HS2118 a high solids chrome free primer which can be used with and without pretreatment.


AkzoNobel has a leading position in coatings technologies for many important industrial markets. This technology base means that we can offer coatings chemistries including polyurethane, epoxy and acrylic in single and multi-component formulations; these can be delivered in water based and high solids materials.

Types of Coatings:

Selection of Official Approvals*
SpecificationApproved Coating
Structural Anti Corrosion Primers
AIMS 04.04.001 / 003 / 038 / 040 / 042Aerowave® 2001, Aerodur® 37092
BMS 10-11, Ty I, Cl A, Gr A10-P4-2
Mil-PRF-23377 Type 110-P20-13
Structural Topcoats
AIMS 04.04.001 / 003 / 040 / 045Aerowave® 3003, Aerodur® 67348
BMS 10-11, Ty II, Cl B, Gr D22 Series
BMS 10-60, Ty I and II, Cl B, Gr DEclipse®
Composite Coatings
AIMS 04 04 002Aerowave® 2002, Aerodur® Barrier Primer 37045, 37076
Fuel Tank Coatings
AIMS 04 04 004Aerowave® 2001, Aerodur® 37092, 37035a
BMS 10-20, Ty II, Cl A, Gr A454-4-1
AMS-C-27725, Ty I20-P1-21
Exterior Durable Gloss Finishes
AIMS 04 04 013 / 014 / 025 / 031 / 032Aviox® 77702
AIMS 04 04 25 / 033 / 037Aerobase®
BMS 10-72 Type IXEclipse®, Aerodur® 3001 Basecoat/Clearcoat
AMS3095Aerobase®, Aviox® 77702, Eclipse®
Military/Camouflage Coatings
Mil-PRF-85285 Type 1, MMS420, BSX3458 Series
Mil-PRF-85285 Type 4, AIMS 04 04 036Aerodur® 5000
SP-J-513-C-0083, Type III, Class A & BAerowave® 5001
Chromate Free Anti Corrosion Primers
MIL-PRF-32239 Ty II, Cl 1, Gr1Aerodur® 2100 MgRP
AMS3095Aerodur® 2100 MgRP, Aerodur® HS2118CF
AIMS 04 04 031 / 032 / 033 / 034 / 036 / 037 Aviox® CF Primer 37124
Cabin Interior Coatings
FAR JAR 25.853Aerofine®

*for extensive list of specifications follow this link http://aerospace.akzonobel.com/products

Pyroflex®  7 D 713

A 3-component polyurethane conductive coating for application to non-conductive substrates like composites:

– Matt black appearance.
– Resistance to aircraft fluids and chemicals.
– Surface resistance: R<50 K-ohm.