CA 8000 series Desothane® HS polyurethane topcoats

Features & Benefits:

Desothane® HS topcoats are VOC compliant, polyurethane, chemically cured topcoats used to protect the exterior of aircraft. These topcoats are designed to be applied over conventional as well as high solids epoxy primers to provide maximum performance.

Desothane® HS topcoats have excellent durability against weathering, excellent appearance, and are easy to apply in a variety of environmental conditions including high temperature and humidity.

Desothane ®  HS topcoats are compatible with all current spray equipment. For further details on application parameters, consult the Desothane ® HS topcoats/CA 8000 series application guide or contact your local PRC-DeSoto Application Support Center @ 1- 800-AEROMIX.

Desothane ® HS polyurethane topcoats/CA 8000 series are qualified to the following OEM specifications:

BMS 10-60 Type II Class B Grade D
BMS 10-72 Type VIII
BAMS 565-009 (formerly CMS 565-09)
BAMS 565-002 (formerly CMS 565-02)
DPM 6456
DMS 2143
DHMS C4.04
AIMS 04-04-013

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