CA8311 Low VOC Polyurethane Topcoat, Matt

Features & Benefits:

CA8311 is a high solids, VOC compliant, polyurethane topcoat possessing excellent chemical resistant properties. As such it is intended for use both as an internal topcoat for aircraft structural components as well as an external topcoat for military aircraft and equipment. As an external topcoat CA8311 possesses excellent UV resistance and long term durability. When applied to suitably primed surfaces, CA8311 will provide excellent resistance to Skydrol hydraulic fluid and as an external topcoat the  product is classed as Chemical Agent Resistant (CARC) in that it will meet the requirements of Stannag 4360. This product is available in IR, LIR and SHR formats.

Specifications – Approval UK MOD

BS2X34A & BS2X34B
BAE Systems MM0114
Eurofighter SP-J-513-0083 T. II Cl. A

Specifications – Performance

US Mil. Spec. Mil-PRF-85285

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