ADDEV Materials stock and supply AkzoNobel’s Aerofine interior coatings. These coatings offer reliable performance at a fair price for the maintenance and refurbishment of cabin internal surfaces. Aerofine one-component and fast drying waterborne cabin coatings use high-quality self-crosslinking resins that provide multi-component performance. They offer long-term durability to environments that must withstand the rigors of knocks and scratches as well as frequent and aggressive cleaning.

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Aerofine interior coatings meet the stringent FST regulations FAR 25.853 / JAR 25.853 (OSU 65/65). The waterborne paint system reduces unpleasant odors and meets strict VOC regulations. The highly chemical resistant coating is easy to clean and if the surface is damaged, maintenance can be affected within short downtimes.

Colour Aesthetics Aerofine interior coatings can also be used to give a multicoluor or textured effect as more than one colour of paint can be applied to the surface to build up a variety of decorative finishes. For example a basic painted background can be ‘spatter-coated’ in tiny droplets of a toning colour. Further colours can be added for increased complexity, or different ‘spatter-colours’ can be used in different parts of the cabin while maintaining the same basic background colour. In addition colours can be sprayed through stencils to give a choice of figured or random patterns to help define the identity and image of the carrier.