Dalic Selective Electroplating

For more than 80 years Dalic has invented, innovated and improved the technology of selective electroplating. Using the Dalic process all kinds of metal plating and anodising can be applied to metallic substrates on a small scale, in situ and on assembled equipment in new and maintenance applications. ADDEV Materials is Dalic’s authorised distributor and can provide the full range of Dalic products, training and technical support.

Anodising and metal plating offers an array of properties including excellent corrosion resistance including galvanic and filiform corrosion, resistance to erosion abrasion and wear, improved lubricity and hardness. The Dalic selective process means that these properties can be applied in a simple and convenient way. All products and processes are fully approved and widely used by major aerospace and high tech engineering companies.



Typical areas of use

Aerospace components, marine and undersea equipment, landing gear, rail equipment axels and bogeys, wing repairs, rotating parts, mould tools, inside bores, threads and tubes, wheels and engines.

Solutions available


Dalic manufactures a full range of application equipment to deliver the electroplating at the best cost and the minimum risk.

ME Rectifers Powerpacks

Dalic manufactures a complete line of powerpacks which allow brush metal plating of all types. With a range from 10 amps – 250 amps all types of treatment can be delivered and with additional pumps and coolers the Dalic powerpacks can also be used for anodising.


The patented Dalistick has revolutionised selective plating. As the electrode head is fed by a pump and is designed to suck the plating solution back to the reservoir. This controls the supply of electrolyte and eliminates run off and controls any metal which might be present in the atmosphere.

The Dalistick station D2000 delivers the entire process including the reservoir, timing, current and ow rate to manage the entire process. The Dalistick station D2020 additionally provides a full computer process control.


OEM: Airbus, Boeing, Thales, Messier Bugatti Dowty, Dassault, Embraer, Agusta Westland, Eurofighter

MRO: SAS, Emirates, Iberia, SR Technics, Lufthansa Technik, Alitalia, Air France, Qantas

Military: RUAG, Airbus, USAF, AMS, Air Forces of France, Italy, Norway, UAE