Everslik® 1201 and Everslik® 1301

These coatings are produced by Everlube Products, the world leading producer of bonded surface coatings and lubricants. They provide extreme fluid and corrosion resistance for steel structures and are suitable for oil and gas applications where prolonged water contact is possible. Applications include pipework, valves and flanges where surfaces are in contact with each other.

Everslik® 1201- is a thermally cured solvent based epoxy coating with extreme toughness, chemical and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for valves, fittings and functional components used in the petrochemical and offshore drilling industries.

Everslik® 1201 is a complete coating in its own right, it can be overcoated with Everslik® 1301 if additional lubricating properties are required for mating surfaces.

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Everslik® 1301 – is a specially bonded solid film lubricant especially formulated for the heavy-duty industrial market. It provides good lubricity and corrosion resistance and prevents galling and seizing. It has found great acceptance in the petrochemical industry, especially on threaded fasteners and jack screws.

Everslik® 1301 uses Molybdenum Disulphide combined with a high performance resins to achieve long term performance. It can be applied to pretreated metal or combined with Everslik® 1201 to create a long life system.

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