Loctite EA 7000 Aero

Suitable for: Out-of-Autoclave
Size Package Options: Film Adhesive
Technology:  Epoxy film
Colour (A/B/Mixed): Green
Service Temperature*: 300°F (149°C)
Consistency: Film adhesive
Pot Life (450g mass): 30 days @ 90°F (32°C) 50% RH
Key Features:  Accelerated heat cure capability, Excellent peel and low temperature (- 67F / -55°C) properties, Good co-cure capability with composites,  Qualified by many OEM’s
Product: Loctite EA 7000 Aero
Previously Known As: Hysol  PL 7000

* Service Temperature is defined as the temperature at which the adhesive still retains 1000 psi / 6.9 MPa using test method ASTM D1002