Lord Aeroglaze® & Chemglaze® Coatings

Typical application areas include; telescopes, baffles, waveguides, vacuum test chambers, probes, satellites, launch vehicles, aircraft, optics, antennae and radomes.


Coatings Systems


All Aeroglaze® topcoats perform their functions in vacuums and with low outgassing.


Lord Aeroglaze® primers provide enhanced adhesion and corrosion resistance for a wide variety of substrates used in the space and optical markets including; gold, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, silver, beryllium, magnesium, glass, nickel and FRP. ADDEV Materials also supplies the Lord Chemlok® range of adhesion promoters for a wide variety of challenging substrates. The primers have been tested in combination with the topcoats to ensure that systems meet the technical requirements of the space and optical industries.

Key Performance and Specification Data

ConductivityZ307Resistance ohms/
100 - 100,000Ω
(typically 2800Ω)
Lord Corporation
Hemispheric reflectanceZ306λ 546nm @ 20°
incidence angle
0.048 NASA Heaney 1992NASA Heaney 1992
Hemispheric reflectanceZ306λ 5 - 25 μm0.08 - 0.11Persky 1999
OutgassingZ306 (+ primer 9929)TML0.60%NASA outgassing section A
OutgassingZ306 (+ primer 9929)CVCM0.01%NASA outgassing section A
OutgassingZ306 (+ primer P123)TML1.55%ESA ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C
OutgassingZ306 (+ primer P123)CVCM0.00%ESA ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C
OutgassingZ306 (+ primer P123)RML0.47%ESA ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C
OutgassingZ307 (+ primer 9924)TML0.80%NASA outgassing section A
OutgassingZ307 (+ primer 9924)CVCM0.04%NASA outgassing section A
OutgassingA276TML0.99%NASA outgassing section A
OutgassingA276CVCM0.08%NASA outgassing section A
OutgassingA276TML0.57%NASA Ellis & Jaworske 2009
OutgassingA276CVCM0.01%NASA Ellis & Jaworske 2009
Solar AbsorptanceZ306αs0.96NASA Lauder 2005, Henninger 1984
Solar AbsorptanceZ306αs0.95ESA ECSS-Q-70-09
Solar AbsorptanceA276αs0.263NASA Lauder 2005, Henninger 1985
Temperature resistanceZ306-150°C to +130°CLord Corporation
Temperature resistanceZ307-150°C to +130°CLord Corporation
Temperature resistanceA276450K 500hrs in
NASA Ellis & Jaworske 2009
Temperature resistanceA276-150°C to +130°CLord Corporation
Thermal EmissivityZ306εn0.91NASA Lauder 2005, Henninger 1986
Total Hemispherical emittanceZ306εn0.9ESA ECSS-Q-70-09
Total Hemispherical emittanceZ306εn0.86Lord Corporation
Thermal EmissivityA276εn0.86NASA Lauder 2005, Henninger 1987

Chemglaze® Coatings

Chemglaze® coatings serve a variety of specific industrial applications.

Product Application Specification
Chemglaze® A080 Polyurethane finish for surface protection