Hentzen Military Coatings

Hentzen was the first company to develop a lead and chromate free paint system for the US Army and is the largest supplier of coatings to the US Army. Also qualified to Aerospace Chrome free specification MIL-PRF-23377 Class N.


Applications include the coating of defence ground equipment including vehicles, trucks, backhoes, loaders, bridges, containers, weapons systems and ammunition.

Hentzen also offers a complete range of coatings for airborne systems in addition to a large assortment of specialty coatings including anti slip and powder coatings.

Hentzen produces a full range of lead and chromate free primers and is one of the only companies qualified to deliver the Mil-PRF-23377 Class N chromate free primer. In addition Hentzen offers water based options for both primer and topcoat.

Compliance with export controls is very important. ADDEV Materials and Hentzen ensure that all ITAR licences are in place and end user documentation is managed to ensure a secure supply chain.


Important technical features for the defence industry include:

Chemical Agent Resistance (CARC)
Hentzen produces the complete range of colours complying with the CARC requirements of Mil- DTL-64159 and Mil-DTL-53039. This ensures that equipment is protected from chemical agents and they can be easily removed.

Infra Red Reflection (IRR)
In addition to visible colour matching IRR is also managed by Hentzen coatings. Re ection to match foliage and desert environments is available in a range of formulations. IRR based on the CARC 383 colour range as well as aircraft green and RAL F9 colours is available.

Key Performance and Specification Data:

Selection of Official Approvals
SpecificationApproved Coating
Wash (etch) Primers
Epoxy Primers
Mil-P-53030D Type 216834WEP
Mil-DTL-53022 Type 1 / 2 / 3 / 405510WEP / 04488WEP / 03848WEP / 18773WEP
Mil-PRF-23377 Type 1 Class C2 / Type 2 Class C2AD9318-FD / AD9325
Mil-PRF-23377 Type 1 Class N / Type 2 Class N16708TEP / 17176KEP
Mil-PRF-85582 Type 1 Class C2 / Type 2 Class C2AD9320 / AD3247
CARC Polyurethane Topcoats
Mil-DTL-53039 Type 808605GUZ Line (aerosol touch up)
Mil-DTL-53039 Type 4 / 908600 Colour Series
Mil-DTL-64159 Type 207100 Colour Series
Powder Coatings
Mil-PRF-32348 Type 1 P1410WEE-1
Mil-PRF-32348 Type 2P20003KEE Line
Mil-PRF-32348 Type 3P8605GUZ Line
Epoxy Topcoat
Mil-PRF-22750G Type 2 Class H Grade A16634GEF Line
Polyurethane Topcoat
Mil-PRF-85285E Type 1 / Type 2 / Type 4311XXAPX Line / 322XXAPX Line / 355XXAPX Line
Specialty Coatings
Mil-P-14105E Heat Resistant023XXXML-HF Line
A-A-59166 Type 2 Nonslip Walkway 03XXXXMZ-B Liine
Mil-C-450C Bituminous04999KMM
Mil-PRF-81352 Type 1 Acrylic1XXXXXLE Line