Mirka Abrasives

ADDEV Materials is an approved distributor of the Mirka range of abrasives. After a study of the available abrasives technologies we selected Mirka as the most outstanding company in the production of high quality abrasives with exceptional value for money.

We stock abrasives for all paint process related activities and we supply abrasives for all metalworking and composite processes.


This patented and unique technology is the best abrasive product to be presented to the aerospace industry in recent times. The nylon net disc has 22000 holes, which allow for dust free extraction across the whole surface. The durability of the disc is 3-6 times greater than traditional discs.


A high quality resin bonded paper in grit sizes P80-P500 for general purpose sanding processes.


A version of Gold® with a flexible sponge backing, this allows sanding over edges without cracking of the paper or damaging the substrate.


Full resin bonding on quality latex paper. Suitable for both wet and dry sanding.


A high quality non-woven abrasive pad. The 3 dimensional structure makes sanding on contoured surfaces easy. All our abrasives are of the highest quality. They are available in a full range of grit sizes and with Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide abrasive particles. We can supply abrasives in sheets, strips, discs, belts and pads.