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Our Solutions To Fight Germs & Covid-19

Protect yourself, your employees & your customers: the complete range of ADDEV Materials solutions to fit out your company and continue your activity in complete safety.

Addev Materials is committed to assist its customers in returning to daily operations after the Covid-19 pandemic and into the future. We have created an assortment of key products to help provide safety and security to employees, customers and passengers.

Critical Cleaning & Disinfection Aviation Approved

A dedicated line of aviation approved cleaners and disinfectant with Emerging Viral Pathogens and Human coronavirus claims for use against SARS-CoV-2.

Calla® 1452

Aviation approved general-purpose cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer

Effective against viral pathogens and human coronavirus
Does not stain aircraft interiors and plastics


AMS 1452,1453,1530B and 1550B
Boeing D6-7127 and D6-17487
NAVAIR: 01-1A-509-2
T.O.: 1-1-691, 1C-130A-23, and 1C-5A-  23-1


1 US Gallon (mix 32:1 with water)
Trigger spray 750ml ready to use

Calla 1452 RTU

Ki-Ose 390

Aviation approved disinfectant. “2 in 1” solution for hand cleaning and surface disinfection. Kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses & fungi.

Non-woven spun lace wipe, will not tear
Ready to use pack of 30 wipes
Non-flammable, approved for use in aircraft
Dermatologically tested


Approved AMS 1453, Boeing D6-7127


Personal wipe pack of 30


Anti microbial white acrylic paint.

Provides lasting and effective protection against harmful bacteria, mould and fungi
Suitable for walls and ceilings in rooms requiring a high standard of hygiene


Pack of 1 – 5L

Individual Protection: Face Masks, Shields & Hand Cleaning

Can be used to limit contamination spread as well as splashes and droplets.

High quality polycarbonate protective face visor

396mm x 250mm –  incl. head band plus 375 micron polycarbonate screen.

Highly transparent, scratch-resistant, durable
Excellent level of comfort, light weight, adjustable headband
Easily washable and reusable


Headband and front panel delivered in kit, to be assembled
Pack of 1

FFP2/KN95 Face Mask

Avoid spread of splashes and droplets, fully certified FFP2/KN95


In packs of 20

Hand Sanitiser Gel

A hydro-alcoholic sanitiser hand gel containing ethanol. TP1 disinfectant biocide for human hygiene.

Handy 100ml pocket pack.


Available in custom sizes and formats on request

Latex Gloves



Size L, box of 100

Social Distancing

In order to fight coronavirus effectively, it is important to establish a social distance within your company or in public places, in addition to adding personal protective equipment.

Protection screen for work station

H 95 cm pre-formed polycarbonate protection to be positioned on desk, checkout or counter (with or without aperture)

Protection of personnel from the risk of contamination by spray droplets
Cut-out for the passage of documents or coins
High transparency
Simply stands on the desk, cash register or countertop


Pack of 1
Also available in 60cm height and without aperture

Adhesive Marking Tape Eurobands

Yellow/Black, 50mm x 33M.  Two-colour PVC floor marking tape.

Ideal for marking on the ground and walls
Wear resistant
Very good adhesion


Pack of 1

Adhesive marking tape Scotch™471

Yellow, 51mm x 33m. High durability floor/wall marking tape.

 Ideal ground markings to create a clear message
 Excellent abrasion resistance
 Ease of application and removal
Resists delamination


Pack of 1

Sanitary Kit

“Back To Work” Safety Kit

 A starter kit with a selection of key items


5 polycarbonate face visors
1 x 95cm acrylic barrier
20 x FFP2/KN95 face masks
6 rolls of Eurobands 50mm yellow/black tape
1 gallon of Calla 1452 Disinfectant concentrate
6 packs of 30 Kiose 390 wipes
12 x 250ml hydroalcohol sanitiser gel


 All prices subject to change due to market conditions
 Normal delivery charges apply
 Products may be added/removed from time to time to react to market demands