R85HA/R90HA is an economical but high strength textile release fabric. It is especially used in Hand Lay-up Process and Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion which are widely applied in wind blade and marine industry.

Each of R85HA/R90HA is heat scoured and stabilized at high temperature. They are free of any release agent or pollution and can be used directly on the surface of the part. After curing they peel quite easily without any residue or small pieces left on the part. Orange tracer yarn every 30mm helps to distinguish R85HA/R90HA from the cured laminate. These economical but high quality peel plies have been widely used in wind, marine and large parts production markets.

R85HA/R90HA can be used on Phenolic resin. In addition to standard widths mentioned below we can customize widths according quantities required.