Semco Model 250-A Gun

The Semco® model 250-A sealant gun is the standard of the aerospace and electronics industries. It is designed for the quiet, pneumatic application of sealants, adhesives, potting compounds, and other materials packaged in Semco® disposable cartridges or Semkit® packages for multi-component materials.

The Semco® model 250-A gun is available with retainers to fit standard 1, 2.5, 6, 8, and 12 ounce disposable cartridges. Air hoses to operate the gun must be ordered separately (see page 17 for more information).

The gun is constructed of durable metal and engineered plastic parts designed to withstand the rigors of the production work place. The nickel plated retainers are affixed to the valve assembly via a quick connect, secure bayonet lock fixture, permitting easy replacement of cartridges. For use in confined locations, the handle can be easily removed to allow more clearance and better manipulation.


• Reduces applied material cost.
• Provides accurate material control.
• Lightweight.
• Handle can be removed to facilitate application in confined areas.
• 0-100 psi (0-6.9 bar) operating range.
• Available in 1, 2.5, 6, 8, and 12 oz. sizes.
• Bayonet lock on retainer permits quick cartridge change.
• Durable, shock resistant parts.
• Touch control on trigger regulates flow.
• Positive control for smooth, even dispensing.
• Ergonomic design.
• Quiet operation.
• Hands-free/slotted retainer option.

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