Sherwin Babbco Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

Used for non surface breaking defects, Sherwin Babbco supplies a complete range of ready to use and concentrated magnetic particle products in liquid and aerosol formats. In red, black, fluorescent and dual colour formulations the products can be used in any light conditions. Novel solutions include non flammable aerosols and easy removal background paint.

Approvals include AMS 2641 A – AMS 3040C – AMS 3041 E – AMS 3042 D – AMS 3043 D – AMS 3044 E – AMS 3045 E – AMS 3046 E – ASME – ASTM E 1444 – AEF-SR-02052/01-5198 – Dassault- DGQT- – DoD-F-87935 – EADS-IGC 0425- 106A – ISO 9934-2 – NF F 00-090 – PMUC – RCCM – Rolls-Royce CSS231/CSS266- SNECMA DMR70- 520 – TURBOMECA-CCT 00616


Test panels

ADDEV Materials are the UK distributor of Sherwin PSM5 Panels in both Polished and Grit Blasted finishes. Sherwin PSM 5 Panels conform to the Pratt & Whitney 146060TAM speci cation. ADDEV Materials are also able to supply, TESCO Eishen NiCr panels in single or twin sets, KDS Twin Panels, ISO and Surface roughness standards. Sherwin Babbco offers a reference photographic service for test panels.

Magnetic Particle System Technical Datasheets

Magnetic Ink

B104B Black Magnetic Particle Ink AMS3043
778B Fluorescent Magnetic Ink Green/Yellow AMS304
820B Black Magnetic Particle Ink AMS3042
850A Red Magnetic Particle Ink AMS3042


B104A White MPI Contrast Background


B105 Degreaser and Remover for White Background

System Guidelines: Sherwin Babbco Basic MPI System

Key Performance and Specification Data

Fluorescent PenetrantAMS-2644 ApprovedAMS-2644 ClassificationBiodegradableAvailable in AerosolDescription
Water Washable (Method A & C)
HM-2DLevel 1Low Sensitivity
HM-220Level 1Low Sensitivity
HM-3ALevel 2Medium Sensitivity
HM-406Level 2High Level 2 Sensitivity
HM-440Level 2Medium Sensitivity
HM-602Level 2Medium Sensitivity
HM-430Level 3High Sensitivity
HM-604Level 3High Sensitivity
HM-607Level 3High Sensitivity
HM-704Level 4Ultra High Sensitivity
Fluorescent Penetrant
Post Emulsified (Method B, C & D)
RC-29Level 1Low Sensitivity
RC-50Level 2Medium Sensitivity
RC-65Level 3High Sensitivity
RC-77Level 4Ultra High Sensitivity
Fluorescent Penetrant
Water Washable (Method A & C)
WB-100Level 1Low Sensitivity
WB-200Level 2Medium Sensitivity
ER-83AMethod DHydrophilic
ER-83BMethod DHydrophilic
ER-83CMethod DHydrophilic
ER-85Method BLipophilic
D-90GForm ADry Powder
D-100Form D & ENon-Aqueous Alchol
D-106Form D & ENon-Aqueous Alchol
D-110A.1Form CWater Suspendible
D-113G.1Form BWater Soluble
DR-60Class 2Hydrocarbon Based
DR-62Class 2Hydrocarbon Based
LA-1 CleanerN/AHot Tank - Alkaline
Visible Penetrant
DP-55Method A & CWater Washable and Solvent
BY-LUXN/AVisible and Fluorescent
High Temperature System
PRT-23E PenetrantMethod A & CHigh Temperature Visible Dye
RT-71 DeveloperForm D & EHigh Temperature Developer
NT-101B RemoverClass 2High Temperature Remover
Low Temperature System
LTP-82 PenetrantMethod A & CLow Temperature Visible Dye
D-106 DeveloperForm D & ENon-Aqueous Acetone
D-106 DeveloperClass 2Hydrocarbon Based