UV Leak Detection Using Fluorescent Dye

Using fluorescent dyes and ultraviolet technology for leak detection is a simple and smart investment.

As well as finding leaks our fluorescent dyes work as a preventive maintenance to your system and will reveal leaks in the future.

Using the appropriate leak detection tools will help preserve equipment quality and extend service life. Undetected leaks can lead to equipment breakdown, lost production time, safety issues and even fines and legal penalties. When it comes to cost savings, ease of use and effectiveness fluorescent leak detection is the ideal way to find costly leaks in Industrial systems!

Spectroline® dyes work effectively in any enclosed circulatory systems where fluids are used for lubrication, hydraulics, cooling control or hydrostatic pressure testing. Spectroline® dyes can remain safely within the system and are NSF certified to meet non-contact food-grade requirements. Ideal for use as part of a diagnostic & preventative maintenance program to keep systems operating efficiently.

Whether it’s oil, water or hydraulic fluid system, leaks impact both the environment and your bottom line. Spectroline® offers a wide range of products designed to pinpoint the exact source of every leak, including OEM-grade fluorescent dyes, high performance leak detection lamps, kits and specialty products.

  • User Friendly — Just add a small amount of dye to the system and let it circulate. All leaks will glow brightly when scanned with a high-intensity Spectroline® leak detection lamp.
  • Versatile — Allow inspection of an entire system under virtually all operating conditions. Pinpoint the exact source of the smallest, most elusive leaks – even multiple and intermittent leaks!
  • Quality — Fully miscible, non-particulate and filtered down to 2 microns. Won’t change the viscosity or lubricity of hose fluid.
  • Cost Effective — Highly concentrated. Contain more active ingredients per dose than competitive dyes.
  • Special Formulations — Available in several distinct colors to distinguish between different leaking fluid systems.
  • Several Sizes — Choose from 8 oz (237 ml), pint (473 ml) or quart (946 ml) bottles as well as gallon (3.8 L) containers.
  • Larger sizes also available.