Sherwin Babbco

ADDEV Materials is the authorised UK distributor for Babbco, manufacturer of the Dubl-Chek™ line of liquid dye inspection penetrants, magnetic particle inspection fluids, and ultrasonic consumables. ADDEV Materials has a fully qualified technical sales team for NDT and can carry out training, installation, technical support and photographic/calibration services. Dubl-Chek™ products are approved by governing agencies worldwide, including the US Government, ASME & ASTM, as well as the prime aerospace and military contractors and OEM’s. Dubl-Chek fluorescent penetrants are used widely in aerospace, while Dubl-Chek visible penetrants are used throughout the welding and nuclear power industries.

Through extensive raw and finished materials testing, the company adheres to the highest possible quality assurance standards. Dubl-Chek products are uniform from batch to batch, and conformance certificates are always provided.