ADDEV Materials is the official distributor of Solvay’s class leading range of composite products in the UK.

Solvay is a leading provider of carbon fiber, advanced composite materials, adhesives and surfacing films for the aerospace, automotive, oil & gas and industrial markets. Their composite material solutions are designed for extreme-demand environments, radical temperature changes, material expansion and contraction and processing materials optimized for complex manufacturing methods. Solvay’s composite products offer key benefits such as lightweighting, design freedom, and part and system integration.

  • Low temperature initial cure out-of-autoclave systems
  • Possibility to use of low cost/low temperature master models
  • Combination of good mechanical performance, toughness, leading to the manufacture of robust tooling
  • Bismaleimide prepregs for high temperature capable tooling
  • Ease of use with a broad processing window
  • Excellent surface finish